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Get Your FREE Tax Review Now

Do you want to calculate your tax refund?

Please use this link to Calculate your tax refund

Documents needed to assess your tax retund/ payable:

  • Copy of PAYG.or Pay as you Go
  • For expenses claimed more than $300 details of expenes by way of declaration or receipts,
  • For rental properties details of income and expenses for the property.
  • For Business income, details of income and expenses.

Pricing details for various services mentioned below:

  • For Individual tax returns from $79 onwards
  • Rental Property $90 per property
  • Business Tax returns $129 onwards
  • For Company Tax returns from $250 onwards
  • For SMSF Tax returns from $200 onwards
  • For Trust Tax returns from $150 onwards
  • For company formation from $850 onwards

Book keeping and accunting work pricing details will be provided based on the nature of work involved i.e, number of transactions, payroll processing and financial statements required.

You can get the confidence of tax agent support and checking, with online convenience and saved time, at Tax fin Business Services –and the “once-per-year” fee is also tax deductible! And if you have a Business the fees paid for your BAS and other ongoing advisory services are also Tax deductible.

For Small business benefits and tax concessions please feel free to talk to us for start up and ongoing tax compliance requirements as per ATO Guidelines.

Advantages of doing your Tax returns with Taxfin Business Services:

1. Deduction tips help boost your ATO tax refund.

2. See What You Claimed Last Year: Saves you time and helps you remember important deductions.

3. Tax Estimate help find the estimated refund

4. Mobile Friendly. You can even log in on mobile, click the attach buttons and snap your PAYG. So easy.

5. Support: Connect with a friendly, qualified accountant .

6. No Appointments, no travel to a tax agents office, low fees, and still get expert checking and advice

7. Less reading, less clutter.

8. Your online tax return is checked twice by qualified accountants for accuracy and extra deductions. (A higher level of support and service than many tax agent offices.)

9. Someone who’s on your side. Taxfin is YOUR tax agent. You don’t have to go it alone with the ATO.

10. Most people finish their tax return in just minutes!